Project overview
I started working with MobieTrain at the end of 2017, when they contacted me with a request to design a product presentation, in a different corporative style back then. Later, in 2019, when they needed to design a pitch deck, they decided to contact me again, as a presentation specialist. We had a specific meeting date set up and I knew it was going to be with a certain VC fund.

In the end, I worked directly with company's CEO. We've decided to take a new look at MobieTrain's corporate design and update it having a specific investor in mind and add animation and video.
Project results
Two weeks later the client successfully closed a 1-million-euro Seed Round from a Belgian VC fund Limburgse Reconversie Maatschappij. I was very happy to hear about my client's success, especially considering we've worked on this project together for 14 hours a day within a week.
Guy Van Neck
CEO of MobieTrain
Sergej was a pleasure to work with and we will continue to work with him on our future projects. He is very professional, efficient, and has great quality of work.
Raised money
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