Project overview
At the end of 2017 I was contacted by a client from South Africa who was representing a big mining company in that region. They were changing their corporate style and they asked me to update all of their corporate documents. The project was completed successfully, and I got a part-time job with the holding. Massimong is a part of that holding. I did a new corporate template for them, using their updated corporate style.

The goal was to create a minimalistic and modern template that would be easy for company employees to use. To reach this goal, I did a huge amount of work in Master Slides with all text, color, tables and figures settings and much more.
Project results
The client said that my design was spot-on and asked me to design three more corporate templates for other lines of business.
Mike Teke
Director, Chairman at Masimong
Excellent work. Several colleagues who are quite familiar with presentations commented on how professional the slides were. Thank you and Kind Regards, -Mike
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