5 free tools that will make your presentations better +
Hello everyone! My name is Sergey and I am a presentation expert. I have been working with presentations for a long time, during which I have found countless recourses that make my life and work easier. And today I've decided to share these tools with you.
You can spend hours looking for visuals you can use.
These services can save a lot of time for managers,
salespersons, and businessmen, as well as people that
need to design a presentation on a short notice.
Flaticon is the best and most convenient free database of
icons for your presentation.

At Flaticon you can find more than 1,200,000 of free icons that will
help you replace the boring bullet points with interesting and
easy-to-remember elements.
Freepik is a free design database where you can find templates for graphs and tables, as well as interesting pictures and illustrations that will help make your presentation more eye-catching!

I would recommend using graphic resources made by the same designer – this will make your design consistent throughout the whole presentation.
Pexels is a free photo database that does not have a stock look. The most common mistake I have seen in the presentations I received from clients is using the same template photos everyone has already seen a hundred times. I can imagine what people think when they see the same photos over and over again. That's
why I encourage you not to make these mistakes and pay
some attention to your visuals.
Pinterest is a great photo-hosting, where you can find a huge amount of presentations you can use as inspiration for your slides!

Just go to the website and enter "presentation design" into
the search area. You can even look up presentations by field
or direction of your design.
If you don't have a specific style for your presentation
or you want to add some colors into it, this tool will definitely
come in handy!

When you open the site, it will show you color patterns. If you like a specific color, you can mark it, and the service will search for patterns that include the color you like.

I hope this information will save you a lot of time and make your presentations better and more effective.

Thank you for your attention! I am planning to make posts with materials like this once or twice a week, so stay tuned :)

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